NASTT Announces Retiree Membership Tier

March 6, 2018 by NASTT Staff

New in 2018 *Retiree Membership*

Retirement is a new beginning, but if you go away we will miss you – so stay with NASTT! Open to any fully retired individual residing in North America who wishes to stay involve with NASTT’s educational and social programs. A Retiree Membership requires a minimum of five-years of NASTT membership prior to retirement and a minimum age of 55.  Continue your engagement with NASTT for $40 per year.

Feeding the birds? Shuffleboard? Nah! Don’t sit around (there’s nothing good on tv these days anyway) and don’t pick up those golf clubs just yet. At NASTT there are over 25 committees, mentor/mentee programs and so much more. In trenchless, we go under the hills – not over them!

For question on how to apply for NASTT’s Retiree Membership, please contact Renee Corea, Membership Administrator at

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