Oxford Plastics Offers Innovative Products for the Industry

October 31, 2018 by NASTT Staff

Oxford Plastics is an NASTT member and manufacturer of innovative products. Oxford Plastics has developed innovative products for the temporary covering of trenches.

The HS20-44 rated Oxford LowPro 23/05 Composite Modular Road Plates eliminates the need to apply anti-skid, the need for ramping with cold patch, the need for heavy lifting equipment, & noise complaints are a thing of the past!

Utility contractors are increasing safety and bringing more to their bottom line by incorporating the LowPro 23/05 plate system within their fleet.

Handling of the Oxford LowPro 23/05 RoadPlate inner sections are now more ergonomic with the NEW EasiLift handles.

Storage and transport of the modular sections are now easier with the NEW Stillage. The stillage provides safety to the workers, better fleet management, allows for easy inspection, has both hoist & fork lift access, and is stackable.

“Work smarter, not harder” is what they strive for at Oxford Plastics USA. For more info call 800-567-9182, or visit www.oxfordplasticsusa.com.