It is our goal to inform young trenchless professionals of the enormous opportunities and career possibilities in the trenchless industry, all the while nurturing the relationship between trenchless veterans and young professionals. By doing so we will enhance career development and provide an information pathway, encouraging transfer of knowledge between generations.

Meeting Frequency:
This committee schedules conference calls throughout the year on an as needed basis.
Amana Arayan, Chair,  LMK Technologies
Annalee Collins, Member, CH2M
Alison St. Clair, Member, Gibson-Thomas Engineering
Chris Larson, Member, C&L Water Solutions
Matt Olson, Member, Consultant
Maureen Carlin, BOD Representative, Laney Directional Drilling
Jeff Maier, BOD Representative, C&L Water Solutions
Craig Vandaelle, Mentor, Michels
Jim Rankin, Mentor, Vermeer
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